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veysonnaz group ski trips

Veysonnaz has the charm of a secret waiting to be found out. The unspoilt village has dramatic panoramic views and access to the 4 Valley skiing area. Despite its fantastic position over the crossroads of several valleys, mass-market tourism hasn’t descended on the village just yet, making it ideal for a relaxed family ski holiday in Switzerland.

Skiing in Veysonnaz

Skiing wise, it’s located on the edge of the 4 Valleys skiing area. It gives access to the colossal amount of skiing, but without all the hustle and bustle granting a stress-free ski holiday. The skiing here benefits from its geographical position with up to 2,000 vertical metres between Veysonnaz and the Mont Fort peak. The snow-sure glacier has slopes for all abilities, making Veysonnaz ideal for group ski holidays. Beginners can stay local and intermediates and advanced will have all the terrain they could ever wish for. If you’re snowboarding in Veysonnaz you’ll find a decent half pipe and kickers at Mont Fort and La Chaux.

Apres in Veysonnaz

Bars and restaurants are on the limited side of the scale, but ‘quality not quantity’ applies here. Dining out options usually consist of delicious hearty cuisine and there are bars open into the small hours if you fancy a dance. Building laws are restricted so new buildings are not allowed to destroy the village’s charming character. Notably the most attractive skiing holiday resort of the 4 Valleys satellite resorts, children feel enchanted here. Veysonnaz is perfect for family skiing holidays and groups looking for a quiet time away.

Accommodation in Veysonnaz

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