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Large Groups

Eclipse Ski are the leaders in providing large group ski holidays and events. With past experience in providing large scale group ski events for various clients such as schools, universities, military and corporate ski trips, Eclipse Ski has the know-how to make organising these trips as easy as possible.

Organising a large group of people for any occasion can prove demanding for even the most experienced designated ‘event co-ordinator.’ Whilst providing fun large group ski trips to be remembered for all of the right reasons, Eclipse Ski is dedicated to creating a hassle-free booking process for the group leaders.

Large group ski holiday bookings are provided with a personalised FREE personal  group ski holiday website. Everyone in the group can keep up to date with essential booking information and make safe, easy online payments.

All group members will be allocated their own personal login details and have access to:

• Important flight details including times, airport info and luggage allowance.
• Hassle-free individual payment facility.
• Useful accommodation details.
• Reliable resort information along with advice and hot tips.
• Impressive image gallery to share your favourite photos privately with the group.
• Easy-to-use message board to plan your trip and share funny quotes